EP12 S2 WBFF PRO Diva Emma Dillion

EP12 S2 WBFF PRO Diva Bikini Model

Emma Jane Dillion

  • EP12 We get a chance to talk with the amazing WBFF Pro Diva Emma Dillionjust before leaving to fly out to the Bahamas to compete at the WBFF World Championships.

  • Emma has put in the work to bring her best.

  • Emma will share the stage with her best friend who is her business partner and sister the adrenaline will be high and so will the calibre Emma will bring to the stage.

  • Emma just finished her morning cardio and was super kind to take a quick call for the podcast on her way to a photo shoot and like all high performers Emma is super motivated and lots of fun to chat with.

  •  We talk about morning routine 2 weeks out and what makes this show very special for her.

  • Emma shares a quote and her perspective on this its  "Be Accepting of who we are"

  • You will hear Emmas super bubbly and fun and we can't wait to see what she will bring this World Stage 10th August 2019 the Bahamas.  

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