EP11 S2 WBFF PRO Dan Mazzola Muscle Model


NZ WBFF PRO Muscle Model

Dan Mazzola 

The very first New Zealand WBFF Pro Men’s Muscle Model AND winner of the Australian WBFF Pro Show 2018.

  • New Zealand’s Dan Mazzola is competing for the World Title at the WBFF Worlds in Bahamas with his best package yet balanced and complete he may just bring the win.

  • Dan’s second home is Australia he is the 2018 Pro Muscle Champion from the WBFF Aussie ProAm.

  • Dan is a great guy a top athlete that has always made high level sporting a part of his DNA its a great interview that shows there is a humble but competitive and driven sportsmanship to Dan Mazzola.

  • We ask Dan about his Pre flight plan for nutrition with Dan’s Coach and nutritionist.

  • Find out who is Dan’s Nutritionist.

  • I was really surprised at Dans business commitments and how he can do so much it’s amazing, this will blow away anyone’s excuses of not enough time or energy.

  • Dans bucket list involves a photo shoot in The Bahamas a 2 hour boat ride and water pigs listen up to know what this is all about.

  • Pro Muscle model Dan is also on the judging panel in the WBFF Australiaso Dan is the real deal with knowing what it takes to be the best of the best and puts this focus to his super competitive package at this world stage Bahamas 10th August 2019.

  • Dan shares from his perspective how he is looking at this World Championships he not jut there to participate. Along side the New Zealand team Dan will be one to watch.

  • “If you you want to be the best, do what the best do” great quote from Dan Mazzola Pre Worlds. Be consistent to be the best.