EP10 S2 WBFF PRO Diva Amy Lee Summers

WBFF PRO DIVA Bikini Model

Amy Lee Summers

Episode 10 Season 2 of the WBFF Australia Podcast we roll out the WBFF Pre World Championship Podcast Series with next from New Zealand Amy Lee Summers.

EP10 S2


Amy Lee Summers

Nominee for WBFF Most Photogenic Award 

The WBFF Australia Podcasts 

  • WBFF Pro Diva Bikini Model Amy Lee Summers from Auckland New Zealand is nominated for the WBFF most photogenic awardsat this years 2019 WBFF World Championships.

  • Amy Lee in 2017 competed at the 2017 World Titles as an amateur athlete and taking victory and earning her Pro card joining the best of the best in the WBFF PRO ranks.

  • Amy Lee shares a unique personal perspective behind the physcology of creating the physique that Amy Lee brings to this 2019 WBFF World Championships in the tropical Bahamas 10th August. Host by Grand Hyatt Bahamar

  • This is a great conversation with Amy Lee summers who made time in a very busy schedule to connect and share some insight before her flight to the biggest WBFF World Championships in the history of the WBFF.

  • The WBFF World Championships 10th August Grand Hyatt The Bahamas.

  • LINK to Amy Lee Summers YOUTUBE