EP9 S2 WBFF PRO Ben Handsaker The “Abstacker” Mens Fitness Model Champion



Ben Handsaker


The Abstacker is set to take the World Stage in the Bahamas 10th August 2019 at the WBFF World Titles. The Bondi WBFF PRO Mens fitness model will don the green and gold with pride as he tests his rig up against the very best of the best.

  • This Episode 9 Season 2 Ben shares one amazing morning routine not to miss it epic.

  • Abstacker also shares insight on his approach to the long flight and how he will adjust his nutrition to tackle this.

  • We also talk about the incredible bulk approach in Bens lead up to worlds a must listen for gaining mass in 16 weeks.

  • Over all this is one of favourite episodes it was a lot of fun talking with this amazing guy who has so much to share and I look forward to a full length podcast to know more.

  • we wish Ben Abstacker well on this journey to the Worlds 2019