EP6 S1 WBFF Australia International PROAM Show wrap up

The WBFF Australia PodcastHosted by Johnny Trayesthe voice of WBFF Australia Shows wraps up the first ever...

WBFF Australia International PROAM 2018

talking with The Official Australian WBFFShow promoter Mr. Ari Hamalainen and Official WBFF Australian head judge Pauline Newman. Episode 6 gives you some insight on the production of the show how 300 doughnuts and 1000 slices of pizza plus 50kg of chocolates and sweets fuelled the biggest show on the planet. We thank you and all the WBFF Family and friends, competitors PRO and Amateur for making history and also being a part of the biggest show in Australian WBFF history with more than 300 competitors on one stage. More than 165 WBFF Diva Bikini Models on stage for the #WBFFAUS18Show.

The STAR CASINO on the Gold Coast was the premier venue to host the WBFF Australian International PROAM show. We broke all records exceeded all expectations and created history together in the most glamorous and spectacular fitness and fashion show on the planet. 

The WBFF Australiawould like to also thank all the generous sponsors for there support through out 2018. Click on any of the links to go through to websites and or social media pages. We hope you enjoy this episode as we congratulate the winners and wrap up on amazing year of shows for 2018 and get read for 2019 as the dates are set for The WBFF Australia Shows 2019. Thanks for listening I'm

Johnny Trayes producer of the podcastand show host for all the WBFF Australia shows around Australia.